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Dr. Kanodia AMLA - The Story Behind the Magic Skin Care Line

Dr.Kanodia AMLA Skincare Routine

Step 1: AMLA rejuvenate in the morning
Step 2: AMLA serum in the morning
Step 3: AMLA moisturizer at night
Step 4: AMLA relax at night

AMLA REJUVENATE SUPPLEMENTS -Antioxidant that helps with stress induced skin problems—Purifies the blood and act as skin cleanser -Helps reduce pigmentation -Helps to improve skin complexion and smoothing skin-Improves skin elasticity and hydrates skin

AMLA PEPTIDE SERUM MORNING REGIMEN -Helps polish the skin and promotes collagen production-Offers protection from harmful sunlight-Gives instant glow making the skin smooth and soft

AMLA MOISTURIZING & NOURISHING CREAM EVENING REGIMEN-A moisturizer that minimizes pores and promote even skin tone -Revitalize the skin and promote healthy and flawless skin -Helps hydrate and improve skin

AMLA RELAX SUPPLEMENTS -Enhances, detoxifies and helps skin relax -Nourishes the skin to make it look younger and bright -Helps with muscle relaxation and relieves stress -Beneficial in improving skin texture/tone -Improves blood circulation in the body and cell regeneration-Reduces oxidative stress and reduces fine lines -Induces calm & peaceful sleep?

Martina Garcia using Dr. Kanodia AMLA

Dr. Kanodia AMLA featured on 2016 KTLA Emmy's Show