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Meet Dr. Kanodia
Wellness and Cosmetic Doctor

Growing up in India, Dr. Kanodia was introduced to Amla as a daily nutritional supplement in the form of Chyawanprash. Not only did his parents and grandparents use this daily, but all over society family and friends had similar exposure to the regular intake of Amla oil.

Curious about this common and ritualistic consumption of Amla, Dr. Kanodia researched the origins of this fruit by reading the ancient, sacred Ayurvedic texts. He learned that an ancient sage had described an herbal recipe using the Amla fruit, which has been used ever since as a treatment for conservation, transformation and resurgence of the life force.

In modern times, with changing lifestyle, diet and environment, the Amla fruit has been recognized by medical practitioners as an extremely potent antioxidant. Rich in vitamins and nutrients and with powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Amla is a superfood which can prevent and reverse the effects of age and environmental stressors on the body’s organs. It repairs damaged skin, cleanses the organs and eliminates damaging free radicals.

Wellness and slowing the aging process is of paramount importance to all of us: Each organ of the body consists of trillions of cells, and each cell is constantly subjected to oxidative stress. The ongoing trauma to the cells, inflicted by the aging process and environmental stressors, weakens and damages the physiology of those cells. This leads to poor health, and damaged aging skin. To repair the body and endow it with vigor, beauty and wellness, the cells need to be infused with antioxidants.

Blending his knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs and anti-aging compounds from his native India with advanced western dermatologic research, Dr Kanodia has formulated the now 24-year-old exclusive skin care line “Ayur-Medic.” His newest product line in the fight against aging, “Dr Kanodia AMLA,” stems from the Indian miracle fruit Amla (Emblica Officinalis), known in Ayurveda as an “elixir of life.” Extracts of this wonder fruit are used topically and ingested orally in Dr Kanodia’s line, therefore creating the concept of Beauty Inside-Out. This line has become an instant favorite with celebrities such as Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian West acclaiming the products.

Amla promotes wellness by providing vitamins and nutrients and preventing oxidative stress to the body’s organs. Dr. Kanodia has perfected his recipe, blending hydrophilic and lipophilic extract of Amla to maximize the benefits of this superfood. It regenerates the cells to create beauty, inside and out.

With a career of over 38 years in health, beauty and anti-aging, Dr. Kanodia would like to introduce to you: Amla, the miracle fruit.