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Amla by Dr.Kanodia

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Boost Your Immune System

Go All Natural With Indian Gooseberry

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Amla Indian Gooseberry Emblica Officinalis - 5000 years of wisdom

Offered worldwide by Dr. Kanodia (40 Years of Experience) in wellness, beauty, and health. 

Amla Rejuvenate (1 Capsule/Day) should be considered and is recommended as an adjunct in building the immunity and defense mechanism which equates to wellness.

Amla accomplishes that wellness by combating intracellular oxidative stress, as the holistic extract can penetrate every cell thus improving the cellular mitochondrial health. 

The Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant In The World

With our unique line of Amla products. We provide the skin with all the natural properties to fight aging and promote beautiful skin

AMLA (emblica officinalis)

AMLA also known as the Indian Gooseberry is touted for being one of the most powerful super fruits available. Known in the scientific community as emblica officinalis or phyllanthus emblica. Amla fruit helps in cardiovascular performance and the production of nitric oxide, glutathione, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Anti-inflammatory effects; Amla is widely accepted as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Studies show decreases in blood C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels after intake of AMLA by as much as 40% within six months. 

Studies show that consuming Amla improves the liver’s ability to clear toxins such as CCL4 (Carbon Tetrachloride) and other hepatotoxins.


"An AMLA a day keeps the doctor away"


"I'm on my third bottle of AMLA. Love it thank you!"


"Dr. Raj Kanodia is a world-renowned Board Certified Surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation, who also has an incredible skincare line called AMLA. All of his products contain this natural ingredient called Amla, which is an Indian gooseberry. The fruit has been used for years to treat all kinds of chronic conditions. His whole line is all about beauty from the inside out. Caring for your skin means proper supplements for the inside and vital care for the outside"